Van Wild Music

Yasmine's Americana band, Van Wild, is an award-winning, uplifting music project. Yasmine wrote the forthcoming single, Folded Flag, with Luc Nyhus and Marty Morgan. The song was originally-released by Big Machine Record Label artist Aaron Lewis and has reached Top 100 iTunes charts. 

Yasmine's version of Folded Flag has been recorded, engineered, and produced by Grammy-nominee Tyler Cain. The song will be released this summer and will feature a crowd-sourced video that highlights the stories of real veterans.

Van Wild releases, including the feel-good sock rock anthem If You Want, have featured collaborations with multi-platinum recording artists The Bellamy Brothers. Van Wild has reached Top 40 charts in the United States and the UK with her own recordings. Her song Hey Old Man, was part of the Bill Sinkewicz-collaboration H8 Society that reached over 750K downloads in its first month of release.

To stream Van Wild, or learn more about the project, head over to Soundcloud or Spotify. 


Yasmine has written hundreds of songs across Pop, EDM, Country, Rock,  Folk, Bluegrass, and Americana. A storyteller with a strong preference for anthems and heady lyrics,  Yasmine enjoys writing for and with a number of other recoding artists. Presently, Yasmine is writing a new album for her Van Wild project and a new project with Broadway leading-man Wade McCollum, Grammy nominee Tyler Cain, Susan Ruth, and many others.

Van Wilt Records

In 2017, Yasmine launced a new full-service record label, Van Wilt Records. This label enjoys distribution with AWAL/Kobalt and develops, produces, releases, and markets the work of artists whose aims are to improve the planet through dialogue, compassion, openness and kindness. The label has a strong LGBTQIA focus and aims to champion the work of queer, feminist artists.

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Yasmine is presently touring colleges and universities across the United States. Most of these shows are closed to-the-public. If you'd like to attend a show in your area, or if you'd like to book Yasmine and Van Wild, please email

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If you're a songwriter or recording artist, and you'd like to collaborate with Yasmine, email

Next Steps...

Stay up-to-date with what Yasmine's doing by tuning in on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, and here! Yasmine's actually very shy and hates talking about what she's doing, but we post public events, talks, lectures, and releases on all social media.