Yasmine van Wilt, Ph.D. F.R.S.A.

Yasmine is the C0-Founder and C.S.O. of Neuralpositive. Neuralpositive grew from Postdoctoral funding opportunity in the Runway Program at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute.

Yasmine has been supported by the UN, the EU, Greenpeace, the NEA, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and she has had commercial works released by artists whom she loves and respects at Big Machine Record Labels, Sony, Oberon Books, and others. She was a producer for the 2018 documentary PBS documentary film Into The Light, a film that broke network records. She has been artist-in-residence for the Columbia University Psychiatry Global Mental Health Program since 2016 and has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts since 2013.


Yasmine’s plays, radio plays, transmedia audio works, poems, songs, and critical writings are available online. She no longer produces artistc works.

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