Mission Statement

Yasmine is a dedicated supporter of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. An Ambassador of this cause, she endeavors to create work that draws attention to injustice and projects a more peaceful, more equitable future for all of humanity and the environment.

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Van Wilt Records

Yasmine is the CEO of Van Wilt Records. Van Wilt Records is a full-service record label and publishing company dedicated to making high-quality work by, for, and about women and LGBTQIA persons. Van Wild band is presently recording a new album. New singles will be released each month of 2018!

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Ethos, Aesthetic & Academic Background

Yasmine's doctoral work was both practice-based and scholarly. Her theses consisted of three, award-winning, commercially successful published and produced transmedia works, and a critical and theoretical examination of postcolonial studies from a performative lens. Her work interrupts and disrupts mainstream historical narratives by introducing what she has coined ‘magical real new histories’. These new histories reveal ways in which women have battled the necropolitical actions of governments and states. She  interrogates her personal experiences as a queer woman with Asperger’s Syndrome in an effort to develop productive societal conversations about mental health, neurodiversity, and LGBTQIA rights.

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Yasmine is an award-winning singer-songwriter, recording artist, playwrite, producer, actress, and academic. She makes transmedia pieces that integrate music, theater and film, and her artistic work is informed by her academic study. Over the last fifteen years, Yasmine has established a reputation as a dynamic, versatile storyteller. Her work has been supported by the UN, the EU, Greenpeace, the NEA, the Mellon Foundation, and many other entities. She has written music for Big Machine Record Labels, Sony, Kobalt and many other major entities. She has staged her work with national theatres, national touring theatres, West End venues, Equity, and on stages across Europe, in North America and in Africa. She has collaborated with the Swedish national government and has been published by Oberon Books, Kobalt Records, the BBC radio and many other entities. Her musical works have reached commercial radio charts in the United Kingdom and the United States. She now records and releases music as Van Wild and as Yasmine Van Wilt through her record label, Van Wilt Records, and in association with Kobalt Records.

She is a producer on the forthcoming documentary PBS film Into The Light

She is an artist-in-residence for the Columbia University Global Mental Health Program and a Fellow of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Royal Society of the Arts.



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Yasmine's plays, radio plays, transmedia audio works, poems, songs, and critical writings are available online.